1-to-1 meetings with the right people and no distractions!

A month before the event, you’ll be asked to choose your meetings: we’ll give you access to detailed profiles on all attendees and you select the 20 Buyers or Suppliers you want to meet. We then feed your requests into our system, which produces the most efficient and fair combination possible of Buyer and Supplier-requested meetings. 1 week before the event you’ll receive your provisional meetings schedule for your approval. 4 meetings sessions happen over the 2 business days. Meetings are 20 minutes long with 5-minute breaks. Suppliers have their own allocated meeting table that the buyers attend, according to their schedules.


Remember, you’ll have plenty of opportunity to meet those you don’t have a meeting with during the event!!

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Hotel designers need to touch and feel products – that’s where the Supplier Showcase comes in.

The Supplier Showcase lets Suppliers display some key products, bringing an exhibition element to the event. Set up within the meetings room for the whole event, products are convenient to hand at any time. For an hour and a half on the first business day all Buyers will attend the Showcase area. This means Suppliers can introduce their products to Buyers they don’t have a scheduled meeting with and the Buyers can explore all products on display.

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The seminar programme will educate, inspire, challenge and entertain. Expertly hosted and moderated by Guy Dittrich, renowned journalist and moderator, four sessions, all pertaining to Hospitality Interior Design are delivered over the two days. They can range from the latest market information from industry analysts, keynote interviews with design gurus, discussions and debates on controversial topics, or thought provoking presentations on something unexpected. There are plenty of opportunities to get involved from the audience, and you may even find yourself being invited to participate! The Seminar Programme is free to attend for all delegates.

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Quality time with Europe’s hotel interior design leaders – don’t be shy!

It starts with the optional pre-event tour: a relaxed group event, you’ll start getting to know people without even trying. The Welcome Buffet officially kicks things off that evening with everyone together, starting to put faces to names. Day 2, you’ll find the networking starts to flow with chats over coffee, lunch and between the meetings. As day 2 ends the pace mellows as we re-group for an informal dinner and drinks, letting the evening unfold. Day 3 and you’re in full flow, enjoying random chats and meetings throughout the day with opportunities springing up from unexpected places! That evening, the Farewell Dinner brings everyone together again and after 2 busy days it’s time to relax in the company of new clients, colleagues and friends as you firm up plans after the event.

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